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That you get a personal and elegant style at home is now easier with the range of modern design furniture we have to offer you. We put at your disposal a large collection of furniture, always with the highest quality and at very competitive prices, with which to create rooms full of style and good taste.

Give a personal and elegant style to each space of your home

Take a tour of our catalog of tables, armchairs and armchairs, stools and chairs of vintage, industrial or Nordic design and surprise yourself with everything we have to offer you and always at the best prices.

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3 seater Nordic sofa Troms

Troms is a three-seater Nordic style sofa, very comfortable and comfortable, which is made of top quality materials that will combine perfectly with the Nordic decoration of your home.
sillon albeniz blanco

Albeniz armchair

The Albeniz armchair, with its design, is ideal for companies. Thanks to its simple structure and its ability to be stacked it is perfect for restaurant terraces or as armchairs for waiting rooms in your clinic or office.

Almond side table

89,00 60,00
Versatile and of original design, the Almond side table that we offer you goes very well to give color to any corner of your house.

Almond side table

89,00 60,00
Versatile and of original design, the Almond side table that we offer you goes very well to give color to any corner of your house.
sillón altea blanco

Altea armchair

The Altea armchair has become a top seller. Everything is due to the fact that it is being the natural substitute for the old outdoor chairs of a lifetime thanks to a unique commitment between quality, price and its successful design.
silla antony

Antony chair

The Antony chair, with its design, will fit perfectly in any environment, especially in cozy interior decorations that are committed to simplicity.
Sillón Chillout modelo Tarida

Armchair Tarida Luminoso

TARIDA SIT: Comfortable seat with straight lines, its peculiar design makes it possible to combine with each other creating a multitude of compositions. Available in different colors and finishes.

Aruba light armchair

ARUBA is a comfortable and ergonomic armchair that is part of the NEW ISLAND collection (Jamaica and Martinique), characterized by its polished rounded shapes, inspired by the Mediterranean essence.

Asterisk dining table

Are you looking for a modern design dining table? The Asterisk model is a robust dining table with crossed legs forming an asterisk,Producto fabricado en Españaits dimensions make it ideal for 6-8 people.
taburete awak en color blanco

Awak stool

Awak stool Awak minimalist stool for Nordic style American bar The Awak minimalist stool, by its design, will fit perfectly
Mesa auxiliar Bagus blanca
Light brown

Bagus side table

The Bagus side table has a very original design, which is easily integrated into any type of decoration, being ideal for indoor or outdoor use, since it is made of high quality polypropylene and available in three colors; White, black and mink.

Barcelona Style Chair

El Sillón Barcelona está inspirado en el famoso Sillón Mies van de Rohe. Piezas como esta han marcado las pautas en el diseño mobiliario.

Barrel puff

The Barrel upholstered puff is a unique piece, not only for its fresh and original design, but for its great versatility.
Sillón nórdico terciopelo naranja

Bergen velvet Nordic armchair

The Nordic velvet armchair surprises everyone thanks to its soft upholstery and its innovative and refined design.
silla berta en blanco

Berta chair

The Berta chair, with its design, is ideal for the living room at home. It is a chair that highlights its elegance due to its good finishes, which is why it is widely used for corporate meeting rooms.
mesa beyer palo rosa
Pink stick

Beyer coffee table

The Beyer coffee table was designed to give your home a touch of class. Thanks to its clean design you can have your spectacular low side table in front or next to the sofa.
taburete bill

Bill stool

The Bill design stool can be placed in different environments thanks to its modern design.

Black Star chair

The black Star Chair offers a very attractive design, ideal to bring a unique touch to your living room or dining room. If you are looking for a designer chair and want to differentiate yourself, this model should undoubtedly be in your home, as it will give you a touch of elegance and exclusivity wherever you use it. It can also become the ideal chair for restaurants or coffee shops.

Borneo stool

The Borneo stool, designed by Jamal Blanco, is the ideal stool for both exterior and interior thanks to the fact that in the manufacture of the leg structure, as for its seat and backrest, the polypropylene plastic in white and fiber reinforced has been used of glass.
mesa buzz

Buzz curved glass side table

The Buzz table is a design side table made of tempered glass, has wheels for greater versatility and three separate spaces. It is made of curved glass with transparent finish that gives it that fabulous touch of elegance that fits perfectly in your living room.