Sofa beds

A designer sofa bed is the perfect solution for small rooms where an extra bed may be needed. During the day, you will have a comfortable and stylish sofa. But if one night we have unexpected guests at home, thanks to its versatility, comfort and practicality we can have a sofa bed design.

Design and utility in one place so you can easily adapt it to your needs

This practical quality, however, does not exempt him from his duty to comply with the style. It has to combine with the rest of the decoration elements, keep harmony and respect the beauty of the lines. That’s where KullDesign appears, to help you make the right choice with our design sofa bed selection.

Sometimes straight lines are appreciated, without complications but that give us what we need, comfort, functionality and good price. In KullDesign we have several combinations that allow us to achieve the comfort, functionality and adaptability we are looking for. In addition, your conversion to bed is the easiest.

Sofa beds for all tastes

In KullDesign we have models of all types. From the most practical design sofa beds that have an especially simple system to convert it into a one-seat armchair, a sofa-bed with a backrest, or an extra bed when fully extended. You just have to fold the sides, both or only one, depending on the piece you want to get. An armchair, a sunbed and a bed, all in one, with the elegant design like Teresa.

Going through the sofa-type sofa bed of great elegance and comfort, convertible into a comfortable bed for those days that you have unexpected visits at home, like the Martina model.

Even the most spacious, comfortable and elegant sofas convertible into a huge bed. These models offer great comfort, both in sofa mode and in bed mode. It also combines the practicality we all need and the change of mode very easily, like the Cayetana.

It is the perfect solution if you have limited space but do not want to give up on offering a bed to your guests. In this way, you can make better use of the available space.

The sofa bed is undoubtedly the most practical piece of furniture, maximizing its functionality: it serves as a sofa and an auxiliary bed if necessary, occupy the space of a sofa and at night they are an ideal solution.

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Cayetana sofa bed

Cayetana sofa bed Elegant, comfortable and cozy, this will be your living room thanks to this sofa bed Elegant, comfortable
sofá cama martina con reposabrazos reclinado

Martina sofa

190,00 129,00
Martina sofa A safe bet if we are looking for a nice, versatile and comfortable 3-seater sofa bed Versatility is
sofá cama Teresa

Teresa sofa

109,00 65,00
Teresa sofa The sofa bed that will play a fundamental role in your home for its functionality The 3-seater Teresa