Cesca chair

The Cesca chair was designed in 1928 by Marcel Breuer based on traditional craftsmanship with industrial methods and materials that helped make modern steel tubular furniture. The Cesca chair, also called the B32 chair, was a revolution in the German art school of the Bauhaus in 1928 focused on the excessive use of modern forms and materials. La Cesca is undoubtedly one of the most versatile chairs ever built as shown in this article from the 1991 NY Times, for decades it was considered the desk chair par excellence.

A classic design chair that lasts over time

Marcel Breuer lost the authorship of this structural concept in favor of a fellow Bauhaus, Mart Stam and his Cantilever chair. However, for the history of design, this chair designed to sit in the air, will always be worthwhile of Breuer, although the name is already another matter, since it was originally called B32, but it was not very commercial. We believe it is much better to call her Cesca, so she was renamed the Italian furniture firm Gavina Spa, and who was Cesca? Marcel’s daughter, Francesca.

We are manufacturers of this exclusive chair

We wanted to pay our particular tribute to this chair, making it by hand in our workshop, it is made of chrome-plated steel with a glossy finish with a backrest and a beech wood seat and a natural line grille, they are high quality and very resistant finishes, providing a touch more rustic and no less sophisticated than other chairs of its creator.

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