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In KullDesign we have a wide selection of modern chairs, design icons, contemporary creations, Nordic pieces, vintage, pop art, Bauhaus style, etc. Multitude of options to find the appropriate one to the style of each one.

Modern chairs

The chair is the furniture element that has the greatest personality. You can speak for yourself about the inhabitants of a house. For this reason, it has been the obsession of designers and architects throughout history. Since the early twentieth century, the authors have risked using plastic and metal materials for industrial use, and outside the traditional furniture construction: polypropylene, ABS, polyethylene, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, etc. The result has been structures, colors and textures hitherto unknown. Previously, there was hardly any choice. The handmade manufacture of chairs moved between functional sobriety to serve the most disadvantaged classes, and baroque structures with excessive ornamentation to demonstrate the position of the wealthiest classes. With the use of new materials, a renewed conception of this furniture was taken. Freshness was added to its lines and innovative ideas were introduced in its composition, permeating the chair of the modernity of a changing time.

Our catalog of modern chairs

Modern chairs are no longer well defined elements with a single use. Now, in addition to being useful and comfortable, they should aspire to become almost works of art. Our catalog contains the essentials for any decoration lover: the Panton chair, the Masters chair, the Wishbone chair, the Louis Ghost chair, the Kubica chair … and a long list of models that have achieved an unquestionable position in the history of the cutting edge design

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