Design tables in all types of styles

Design tables for dining room, centerpieces, office, coffee, TV, consoles … the variety of this piece of furniture is huge. In KullDesign we have a wide collection to meet the needs of our customers both at home and in the workplace.

Design tables

The table is undoubtedly the core of the dining room, kitchen or living room. It provides a meeting and meeting point for the inhabitants of the house, or for co-workers. For this reason, they must be practical, resistant and stable. Our mission is to add an extra touch of style to these inescapable qualities. We believe that the functionality of a piece of furniture cannot take precedence over good taste and aesthetics. Some of our tables are inseparable pairs of iconic chairs. This is the case of the Paris table or the different versions of the Tulip table with Saarinen round marble. Others have earned a place in the history of design in their own right, such as the Noguchi table.

Tables and new materials

The industrial advances of the last century have allowed the introduction of new materials such as polyethylene and other plastics, opening an immense range of possibilities in terms of textures, shapes and colors. Several designers have taken this versatility to the limit, taking risks with surprising structures. Glass has been the favorite element on many occasions. This is how we see it with the Klod table, the Matri table or the round Nomos table. However, there are also traces of classic designs. Some modern tables are inspired or are transformations of a traditional model, reconverted with new details. And materials such as marble or wood are still used. We can see examples of these reviews with the Tulip table in oval marble or the Gueridon table.

In any of the types of table mentioned, we have pieces of very different styles: vintage, Nordic, pop, industrial, urban, etc. We want you to easily find the perfect table for you, with the best discounts.

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