Standing lamps

Properly lighting rooms such as the living room or bedroom is very important, not only at a decorative level but also at a functional level. The floor lamps fulfill this task by providing ambient light, creating cozy atmospheres and transforming the space according to the style pursued.

The best option to fill your home with light and style

In KullDesign we have different types of floor lamps: floor lamps provide ambient or diffused light having a very decorative effect and flexible head lamps, such as the Tolomeo lamp, are ideal for reading corners because they allow you to direct the light bulb to the specific point that interests us. The advisable thing to achieve a uniform decoration is to coordinate the style of the floor lamps with the ceiling and table lamps.

Floor lamps, correctly illuminate your home

Floor lamps allow you to play with visual effects and create different environments. It is important to decide the use that will be given to the lamp. Therefore, if we need to illuminate a whole room or a specific point, the Sextans lamp or the Tulip lamp will be the ideal lamps.

Another aspect to consider is to take care of the use made of light. Since depending on your selection you can make a stay bigger or smaller. The color of the walls, ceiling and floor influences. That is why dark tones need more points of light to achieve the same brightness as a light color.

Floor lamps provide excellent light support to the environment of a living room, living room or bedroom. They create unique combinations of light in a soft and diffuse way, avoiding direct light. They can also be easily transported from one corner to another. In KullDesign we have an incredible collection for every need.

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