Standing lamps

Properly lighting rooms such as the living room or bedroom is very important, not only at a decorative level but also at a functional level. The floor lamps fulfill this task by providing ambient light, creating cozy atmospheres and transforming the space according to the style pursued.

The best option to fill your home with light and style

In KullDesign we have different types of floor lamps: floor lamps provide ambient or diffused light having a very decorative effect and flexible head lamps, such as the Tolomeo lamp, are ideal for reading corners because they allow you to direct the light bulb to the specific point that interests us. The advisable thing to achieve a uniform decoration is to coordinate the style of the floor lamps with the ceiling and table lamps.

Floor lamps, correctly illuminate your home

Floor lamps allow you to play with visual effects and create different environments. It is important to decide the use that will be given to the lamp. Therefore, if we need to illuminate a whole room or a specific point, the Sextans lamp or the Tulip lamp will be the ideal lamps.

Another aspect to consider is to take care of the use made of light. Since depending on your selection you can make a stay bigger or smaller. The color of the walls, ceiling and floor influences. That is why dark tones need more points of light to achieve the same brightness as a light color.

Floor lamps provide excellent light support to the environment of a living room, living room or bedroom. They create unique combinations of light in a soft and diffuse way, avoiding direct light. They can also be easily transported from one corner to another. In KullDesign we have an incredible collection for every need.

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Lámpara Arco mármol blanco

Arco Style floor lamp

The Arco Lamp is inspired by the famous designer Achille Castiglioni lamp, a design icon in the 60s'.
Mesa luminosa Capri

Capri table

CAPRI: Round table manufactured in different heights and finishes.
Lámpara Chloe

Chloe lamp

Chloe is an original floor lamp with wooden legs ideal for setting both the exterior and interior of your home.
Lámpara trípode de pie en madera natural
Natural wood

Expression floor lamp

The Expresion tripod lamp has a three-leg base made of natural wood, which also provides stability and firmness with a strong Nordic style.

Fity lamp

Fity is presented as one of the most attractive design novelties of the Newgarden family. It is a floor lamp designed for outdoors and to give a touch of light to your terrace.

Floor lamp Fork Style

The Fork Style floor lamp is inspired by the lamp design created in 2009 from the cooperation between Diesel and the Italian lamp manufacturer Foscarini.

Floor lamp Sextans Style

279,00 179,00
The Sextans Style floor lamp is inspired by the original design of the Calligaris lamp, presenting a large black textile screen with a minimalist design, its rectangular support base with rounded angles allows an easy combination for any area of the home.
Lámpara Fredo

Fredo lamp

FREDO is presented as one of the most attractive design novelties of the Newgarden family. You can find this floor lamp in two heights to adapt it to any space in your home.

G5 style lamp black

The black G5 floor lamp is inspired by the G5 lamp, which was created in 1997 by the Santa & Cole design team.

Grace lamp

GRACE is a floor lamp inspired by the LOLA model. Its more geometric shapes bring a touch of modernist elegance to any environment. Available in two heights.

Grass lamp

Grass lamp It is inspired by the iconic Grasshopper lamp The Grass floor lamp is inspired by the Grasshopper lamp,

Jacobsen floor lamp

The Jacobsen floor lamp was originally designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Danish manufacturer of lamps for public and private spaces Louis Poulsen.

Jazz floor lamp

299,00 275,00
The Jazz Style floor lamp, design inspired by the one created by Diego Fortunato, is characterized by its organic shapes and its ambient light.
Lámpara de pie Magic

Magic floor lamp

The Magic floor lamp has a surprising, modern and elegant look ideal to place in that corner of your living room that needs a point of light.icono entrega 3 semanas inglés
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Milanese floor lamp

Modern design floor lamp that will give your living room the touch of distinction necessary with a touch of elegance.icono entrega 3 semanas inglés
lampe stand monkey

Monkey Stand Lamp

Monkey Stand Lamp In addition to decorative, it is a small work of art The Stand Monkey table lamp is
Lámpara Okuma

Okuma floor lamp

The Okuma floor lamp is a designer lamp with satin chrome finish. It is an ideal piece to combine with the Arco pendant lamp and achieve a uniform design for decorating your home.icono entrega 3 semanas inglés
Lámpara Rocket

Rocket decorative lamp

ROCKET is an original decorative lamp with wooden legs ideal for setting both the exterior and interior of your home.
Lámpara de pie de 1 brazo Serge

Serge 1 arm wall lamp

Inspired by creations made by French designer Serge Mouille. This lamp adds a touch of unique elegance to any space, thanks to its minimalist design made up of simple shapes and industrial materials.

Serge floor lamp

The Serge floor lamp is a perfect reproduction inspired by the famous Bibliotheque Lamp by the designer Serge Mouille, creator of famous luminaries in the 50s'. Serge became famous for his uniformly stripped metal lamps painted black.