Table lamps

Table lamps are the ideal complement to the general lighting of a room. It fulfills a double function; on the one hand, it compensates for the lack of light in some areas and on the other, it helps define the personality of the space.

In KullDesign we have a wide collection of table lamps, of all styles. There are them of classic cut, like the Bourgie lamp with its baroque design; Then there are those that fuse epochs, combined the forms of French classicism with the use of plastic materials after the industrial era, such as Milanese. Some of these plastics, such as acrylic, allow the passage of light in all or part of the lamp body, as in the case of the Miss K lamp. There are more modern ones, designed for desks or work spaces, such as the Grass or the M3 tripod lamp. Other models surprise by their originality the Monkey or Mouse series that simulates the body of these animals. And so we could continue, with endless fascinating examples, of the most ingenious lighting creations of the last century until we find the perfect table lamp for us.

Many of the models in our catalog are inspired by mythical pieces of design, by renowned authors such as Arne Jacobsen or Philippe Starck and by large firms such as Artemide, Metalarte, Santa & Cole, Kartell or Pedrali.

Illuminate and decorate with a table lamp

When using a table lamp, you are not only completing the lighting of the place. You are also bringing a touch of unique and distinctive elegance. Its aesthetic qualities allow you to print character wherever you place it; on a side table, in your favorite reading corner, on a bookshelf, etc.

In addition, they offer an indirect light that help create a warmer and cozy atmosphere. They are the ideal solution for the living room, bedroom or any other room where you want to enjoy greater privacy or relax.

And as there are so many possibilities of shapes, colors, materials and textures, it will be very easy for you to find the one that best integrates with the rest of the decoration of your home: minimalist, modern and sophisticated, classic, baroque and lush, pop, avant-garde, etc. There is a table lamp for each style and for each person.

It’s time for you to find out for yourself. We assure you that our lamps will not leave anyone indifferent; Neither you nor your guests.

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