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At, we have different payment methods available, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Credit or debit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Finance your purchase with Paga+Tarde.


Pay with credit or debit card TPV Virtual Redsys.
We guarantee complete confidentiality of the transfer of your data on the Internet. We use the Redsys platform for all card purchases. This system ensures the identity of the seller, guarantees the integrity of the message and encodes the data with 128-bit SSL encryption which guarantees that even if someone intercepts the communication, they will not be able to interpret it.

Security standards.
To avoid fraudulent credit card use, banks have designed new security standards to certify the authenticity of the card user. For this reason, you must have a security code or verification system from your bank in order to make a secure purchase.
The information that will be requested is:

  • Card number.
  • Expiry date.
  • CVV Number (3 digit code on the back of your card).

Note: American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted.

Pay with PayPal.
You can pay through your PayPal account, or with your credit or debit card (even without a PayPal account), quickly and safely and without sharing any financial information with If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal page. Once the payment has been made, you will be sent back to the confirmation page.
Every day, 100 million people use PayPal in 190 countries with 25 different currencies. More information at

Pay via Bank Transfer.
If your preferred payment method is via bank transfer, proceed as usual with your bank’s operating system.
It is essential that you clearly indicate the following information:

  • Order reference number. It is essential that you state the order reference number that we sent you by email.
  • Name of Sender. Please clarify if this is not the same as the name stated on the order.
  • Information for making a bank transfer. You will need the following information in order to send us a transfer:
    • Recipient: Warrior Capital Investment Group, S.L.
    • IBAN: ES41-00492518612616380470

Payment Verification.
Once the transfer has been received, we will process your order within 24 hours in order to meet the delivery deadline for each product. Bank transfers usually take between 1 and 2 business days. Once payment has been made, you must send proof of payment to indicating the order reference number.
If the payment method selected is bank transfer and the payment is not made within 7 days, the order will automatically be cancelled.

Payment financed through Paga+Tarde.
Buy now, pay later is a payment method licensed by the Bank of Spain. You can finance your purchase in up to 12 monthly instalments immediately, without paperwork. Just fill in your personal information and enter your credit/debit card details. In a matter of seconds, you’ll know if your financing has been approved.
The first instalment will be charged automatically during the confirmation of the operation. The following fees will start being collected at the end of each month, starting with the month following the purchase.